There is nothing more frustrating than working out, eating healthy and still FEELING like sh*t. 

We've all been there and it is the ultimate frustration. You feel trapped inside of an uncooperative body that keeps yawning, flaring with rashes or hormonal flares and the bloating just won't quit.

There is a SOLUTION.

I was diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 22. I was in an and out of the hospital and doctors kept telling me I had lymphoma. Clearly they were wrong. After my Lupus diagnosis, I knew I had to make drastic lifestyle changes. With doctors telling me I had to get on steroids and get checked for Pericarditis every 3 months - I was willing to do anything.

At the time, I was living in Hawaii on an organic permaculture farm and retreat center. Every day we ate Macrobiotic food, fresh farm veggies and traditionally fermented foods.

My diet was perfect RIGHT? Wrong.

Clearly something in my daily diet was causing my Lupus symptoms to reach their maximum threshold. To most, eating organic and macrobiotic would be the shining example of health YET for many with chronic symptoms or inflammation - this is a NIGHTMARE of a diet.

Rice. Ugh. RICE!!!! It was a staple. At the time my husband and family were Japanese. Upon speaking with an amazing MD, I was urged to go Paleo. I removed ALL grains and dairy from my diet.

In 10 days my symptoms were GONE.

This story started it all for me. Now 33 with two gorgeous babies at home, I reflect back on where my journey to heal my body began and it literally feels like a lifetime.

Today, I wake up every day with more energy than I know what to do with, bloating is a word that doesn't even exist to me and I finally have the abs I spent my early adulthood seeking far and wide. 

The BEST part is that my Lupus blood markers no longer exist.

If you are struggling with low-energy, bloating, diarrhea, weight gain, inflammation or autoimmune disease including Hashimoto's, Lupus, RA or MS - this is for you.


1. Remove ALL grains and dairy from you diet. That includes quinoa, rice, amaranth, wheat, oats, rye, millet, spelt, and corn.

2. Skip breakfast and opt for a wake + shake Golden Ratio Protein  mixed with 10-12 oz water within 30 minutes of waking. Don't eat your next meal until after 11:30 AM.

3. If you're eating meat, make sure the meat is organic and grass-fed or free-range.

4. Take chlorella daily for the first 30 days to detox any heavy metals in your body.

5. Prioritize sleep. For the first few weeks, you'll likely experience what's called a Herxheimer Reaction where your body begins to cleanse itself of low-grade bacterial infection and toxic load. In response to this flushing effect, your body mounts an immune response. During this period, you'll likely feel tired, cranky and in need of more sleep than usual. DO IT. Prioritize your sleep. This is a sign that BRIGHTER DAYS are just around the corner.

Remember that the body heals in layers and many of you might be carrying such a high-level of toxicity and inflammation that your body may go through phases of symptom clearing. Removing grains and dairy from your diet will help open up the pathways to CLEAN out your system - on the way out you may see a temporary increase in certain symptoms especially including rashes and respiratory excretion of mucus. These are all good signs you're on your path to healing. Sometimes we have to open our mind to a NEW solution even if it means redefining our view of HEALTHY.

- Bizzie Gold


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