• "I love how easy Wake + Shake was to add to my morning routine. It actually saves me time in the morning and it’s much healthier than what I was eating for breakfast before. I feel so much healthier and I’m looking forward to trying more flavors."
    - Kim ★★★★★
  • "I was not expecting to like this AT ALL, as I generally do not like strawberry flavored anything. But with all the hype, I figured I’d try it. Holy amazeballs. This stuff is fantastic. Shake it up with ice and almond milk and it’s like a strawberry field is throwing a party in your mouth."
    - Jessica ★★★★★
  • "Not only does it taste awesome, but my hair and nails are so nice and strong now from getting my protein in the mornings. It also helps with my digestive irregularities."
    - Kate ★★★★★
  • "This has to be the first protein drink that I have actually looked forward to drinking. It's versatile and so easy to mix up. I'm not a normal wake and shake girl - I use this for my night shifts and it gives me a "stay awake and shake" so I can be productive and not snacking all night. It's worth every penny!"
    - Shannon ★★★★★

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Merkaba combines ceremonial organic matcha green tea with ginger + cayenne to ignite your metabolism and boost your immune system.



We don't believe in following industry trends - we follow science. Each product in our line is vetted for quality, sourcing and intention. No fillers. No artificial ANYTHING.



  • "I have tried 'the best pre-workout on the market' about five thousand times. They all taste nasty and give me the jitters as well as an awful itch. I then crash after my workout. Every time. I decided to give supplements one last shot with Golden Ratio and WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. No jitters and felt like super woman in my workouts. I got watermelon mint flavor & felt a very clean boost of energy. Love love love love it. Golden Ratio has done it again :) "
    - Katie ★★★★★
  • "I gave up on and swore off pre-workout years ago, but because of the flavor and ingredients, decided to give this a try. Deva Pre-workout in spicy from the cayenne, but still really tastes like the Blackberry Basil. I took this at the end of a long work day before going to teach Hot Buti and it gave me such a clean, happy boost! As an avid coffee drinker, I usually don't feel much from any kind of "energy drink," but this did exactly what it promised without the caffeine! I'm excited to have this as a good "pick-me-up" with healthy, holistic ingredients and great taste."
    - Audrey ★★★★★
  • "Love this! Daily drinkable. So hydrating. It's a pick me up, delicious served cold. Living at the beach, feeling spoiled and pampered with this in my cup. Love it in the evenings before Buti. Mommy's new little helper. Gives a true boost, no caffeine. Delicious!"
    - Natalie Sophia ★★★★★